Without Words: Spoken Word by AP

Without Words is a powerful spoken word about love by Andrew Patience popularly known as AP

WITHOUT WORDS Should much silence become the chasm between me and my beloved? Should space extinguish the warmth in our hearts? Can time be the barrier I hope to conquer?

Would words ever describe you?

You see, Poetry will fall at your feet Words will bow in the silence of your thought

For wind and space I have become in loving you

I do not want to touch you I d not want to cage you in me For I am you and you me I love you so I let you be I do not want you I don’t want you to want me I just want to love you

And be contented that yes, I do

Shall your unrequited love make mine end? No way! I say again, do not love me back if you must Love me because you just do Love me because you are love Love me because you are me and we are one

Ah! I just want to fade in the love of you my beloved

You see, Emotions will wound my soul And cause me to insanity Tears will only wet the covers of my heart Worry will sicken my consciousness And love, love, will liberate me As I continue to love you In the silence of my mind In the aliveness of my spirit In the emptiness of my soul In the nothingness of my possessions And in the formless beauty in my eyes In the whistling sound in my ears In the rhythm of nature’s song And in the God I am I say, I love I love you

Without words.

Is love the possession of your being The beauty of your essence? Is this love not greater than you and me Greater than our wants, desires and lust I love you in spite of you I love you with this rage of poetry In this soul of rhythm and spirit Of love and oneness I love you beloved You see beyond soul and body I have become love and only love In loving only you And yes in the God I am I say I love you I love you

Without words

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