Poetry For The Mildly Insane by Edwin Madu

We are pleased to present Poetry For The Mildly Insane, a chapbook by Edwin Madu.

“Poetry For The Mildly Insane – Edwin Madu’s debut chapbook – is an exploration in reality. That may sound strange at first, but this work covers a lifetime of experiences – from heartbreak to family, love to hate, jealousy to harmony. Madu will start small, relatable, a beggar in a microcosm (as he does in “Yard Fight”), and expand upwards and outwards infinitely, touching upon large ideas and possibilities shamelessly and without fear, king of the macrocosm. In all honesty, I believe I felt myself going slightly mad as I read further and further into the book, each poem more passionate and unafraid than the last. As a matter of fact, unafraid is the exact word I would use to describe Edwin’s poetry. He is not afraid to talk about taboos, such as in “She Asked For It”. He is not afraid to express his emotions towards racial injustice (as he shows us in “The Shiny Things”), and yet it is all done with a grace and elegance the likes of which are admirable. Edwin Madu’s chapbook will have you cowering as “the moon cowered” long ago, will have you “Telling old stories to newborns”, will have you dancing naked in the moonlight. “Poetry For The Mildly Insane” will make you feel yourself going mad with the unapologetic truth of reality. Don’t worry. It’s not a bad feeling at all.”
Iskandar Haggarty 2016

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