“An-Nur Al-Ain: Somewhere Greater” by Sheikha A.

Image by Agropyron from Pixabay

An-Nur Al-Ain: Somewhere Greater     Somewhere greater, the meaning of life   has been written like a palindrome; night  is about tensing meditations: look at palms  from a full day’s labour, serving favours   is a close equivalent to lifting jagged  pebbles in coarse handle-less shovels.   Ask the day-cestrum of the dew it must  forego, and of the moon-blooming lotus  floating on calm plates of an aqua-earth  how bodies lumber on encumbered calves  of that which goes unspoken. Come armed  with stories, your chest behind a shield  of transparency, heaving to the universe’s  rippling rhythms, cooing like a forest   flower beneath sheets of ash-clouds;  somewhere greater calls from within,  give rise to the ghost trying to break  free. Dawn is the coastguard, your   sails independent way-finders. 

Sheikha A. is from Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. Her work appears in a variety of literary venues (both magazines and anthologies), the links of which are kept as records at her blog She has recently co-authored a digital chapbook entitled Nyctophiliac Confessions through Praxis Magazine Online.

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