BN Poetry Award: WE WRITE by Adelaja Ridwan Olayiwola (Nigeria)

This poem is longlisted for BN Poetry Award.

MAYBE WE WRITE to annoy –plucking tears like almond fruits from the eyes of men. Maybe we write to provoke, like chanting warriors to war. Maybe we write to Remember –weaving fantasies like raffia basket. Maybe we write to

arouse –melting the hidden thought of a solitary lover.

Maybe we write for the sake of writing, summoning friends to our temple of art. Maybe we write simply like scribes, to polish our sandals of imagery and dust our cabinet of words. Maybe we write to express or impress, to inform or REFORM. Maybe we write to narrate or relate mysteries –of dirty shrinesthat MAKE babies, and neat and tidy hospitals that cannot! Maybe we write of ERRORS –of power that has become wine and pride that has become PILLOW. Maybe we write, yes, to be WRITTEN about. Maybe we write to REMIND death of our names. And perhaps, maybe we WRITE to stun, to amuse and amaze like RASAQ*, yes, perhaps

M A Y B E!

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