“Rant” by Mary McCarthy


Your words like fists Beat me back Into a bad corner I Can’t defend Can’t see what you’ve got Coming for me As each hit blooms Like a bruise I Can’t cover That won’t fade for days Keeping me back Hugging the shadows Close to hand Wondering where I Lost my voice When I got so Small How I will ever answer you As you so urgently


Mary McCarthy has always been a writer but spent most of her working life as a Registered Nurse. She has been a Pushcart nominee, and has had work appearing in many print and online journals, including Gnarled Oak, Visions, Expound, Caketrain, and Third Wednesday. Currently she enjoys writing and drawing, and is happily engaged with the community of writers and poets active on the internet. She writes as a feminist and proponent of social justice, hoping her voice can help achieve a better world for all those who seek justice, equality and peace. She is the author of the Praxis digital poetry chapbook Things I Was Told Not to Think About.

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