HamazonACADEMlA: #TEEP2015 Beneficiary

It has been celebration at HamazonACADEMlA since the film academy was recognized as a beneficiary of #TEEP2015 (Tony Elumelu African Entrepreneur Program). The Academy offers educational programmes that teaches thorough hands-on and practical field experience with high-level mentorship, the skills needed to succeed in Filmmaking incorporating the business and Digital Media literacy aspect.

HamazonACADEMlA  was established by Indian trained Programmer, Filmmaker and Business Consultant Princess  Mariam Adams who believes that “Africans have talents of great virtue that needs to be nurtured so they can take their place and add their voices to the Filmmaking industry.”

Speaking briefly at receiving the #TEEP2015 recognition, Princess Mariam made the following declaration:

“I am a consultant that believes in dreams and talents…I take every little opportunity to make impact with my teachings and consultation. Encouraging dreams has lead me to meeting with many young minds with great mindset and ideas that could rule the world. In the line of duty I have met with individuals undervalued, underskilled and underpaid, most with the desire to travel abroad to get that advanced studies but unsuccessful with such plans.

Everyone needs a push and that push is what i do mostly with the words of my mouth, words I write and consultation skills which led to the creation of HamazonACADEMlA.

Research conducted shows most of these talents lack the vital skills needed to turn their talents into an outcome or product that empowers them to have a financially sustainable and meaningful career – skills such as professional studio techniques, high-level Filmmaking craft and an understanding of the local and global industry context thus HamazonACADEMlA  focuses on making an impact in this aspects.

In order to make their mark in Filmmaking industry – one of the most competitive industries in the world – these talents must be equipped with the know-how and experience in a studio and performance environment and have access to world-class Filmmaking mentorship and facilities that will guide them to a point where they are ready to compete with the best in the world, HamazonACADEMlA takes this cause a notch higher  by placing her students on internship of 3-6 months and employment  with private and international Filmmaking Organizations.

Our students mean a lot to us. It is not only about the trainings we render to them but all about them ‘Are they quite acquainted with what they have learnt? ‘, ‘Are they ready to stand on their feet and take the bait of responsibility for their lives? ‘. With these questions,  we set them to the test of internship,  some have fallen, some are still standing and some are already spreading their wings. We can only impact and push to a certain  level but they make the choice to succeed or give up trying.”

HamazonACADEMlA  cuts across borders as her doors are open for international students hoping to come to Nigeria for studies in

Filmmaking. The academy has had enquiries and attendees from Ghana and other African countries and there is a plan to launch the online learning platform to encourage more participants from other countries.

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