Simple Things by Ama Udofa

You remind me of simple, yet beautiful things, like mimosa unfurling at dawn, every morning. like the far, yet deceitfully close chirping of night cicada. Is it like grey fading into white the way sadness fades into joy? Or how pain erases to give way

for victory gongs.

You remind me of random, yet beautiful things. Like the unexplainable beauty of friendships moulding into love and covalent bonds forming between hearts. Like the harmonious cacophony of mirth-laden banter; melody of battle cry, and encore of passionate victory chants. Of mercy complementing grace, and

victory rewarding triumph.

You remind me of more recurring ordinary, yet beautiful things. Like the intensity of sunshine at noon; or the beauty of homecoming birds across the setting sun – a fiery orange ball against the red horizon, at dusk. Like how, sometimes beauty hides underneath chaff the same way the juicy goodness of coconut is covered with husks. Like rain falling, mighty trees growing from tiny seeds; and the irony of how black always complements white,

but darkness cannot stand light.

You remind me of the beauty of birthdays and how moments framed in photographs, become memories that colour our lives. Of family. Of love, life and its little redemptions; merry laughter, fellowship

and happily-ever-afters.

Whenever I think of you, Ada, I do not bother trying to define beauty, because, you are already its perfect



Bio: Ama Udofa is a sucker for all things mushy. He is someone who, awed by the wonders words can work, has decided to pursue a lifelong romance with them. He curates content at writivision.

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