“What is Love?” by Nasir Umar Abdullahi

Image by Lars_Nissen from Pixabay

What is Love?

Love, Is an invisible plant, That germinates, Steadily grows,

In a voluptuous garden.

Love, Is a loosen bird, Faster than the rocket, Gleefully flies, Unpredictable,

Until it touches down.

Itinerant, Like the cattle herd, Plane,

That travels to distant lands.

Love, Is like an infant moon, Matures,

When it grows full.

Stranger, Searching for an enclosure to nap, Disappears,

At the music of the morning cock.

Love, Is a mysterious river, Folding your trousers, As you trudge, As dry as a bone,

When you return.

Love, Is not what the hand gifts, Natural,

That the heart feels.

Love, Is not glitter, Natural,

That flows like the cow milk,

Love, Is not what the mind thinks, What it feels, Blanket,

That envelops the dancing heart.

Love, Is not a fake gold, Genuine, Drinks,

By the thirsty heart.

What is love?

A poet, a writer, and a lecturer I of the Department of English and French, Umaru Musa Yar’adua University Katsina State, Nigeria, Nasir Umar Abdullahi has published two books.  Learn the Academic Word List Through Some Exciting Short Stories: An Innovative Approach to Expose A-Level Students to 570 Academic Wordlist (2017) and with the Singaporean Loh Siew Meng, Walking the Tight Rope: Idris Isa Funtua and the Academic Leadership of UMYU.  He has innumerable unpublished masterpieces: Feast of Pregnant Words, an anthology of poems now with the Indian-based, Exceller Publisher, Pieces from the Eye, a collection of Short stories, The Rainfall, a novel and other general books: Who is Ngugi wa Thiong’o: Life, Education, Writing and Influences and Special Vocabulary for English Users: A Helpful Companion for Writers, Readers and Speakers. His other areas of interest are post colonialism, and comparative literature.

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