Exhale & Exit by Stanley Princewill McDaniels

exhale (for Nkem)

your breath forms a knot

in your chest.

loosen it



i have been days in deserts

& nights in caves

my soul stretches like the distance

between heaven & the fallen angel

i feel the sun falling into

a million particles of broken shadows

a star sits by the right hand of the father

& watches as i wash my sins in the flood

that broke free from the rock

i have been many things!

all i see is a grey fence at the end of the world-

there are no voices

i just want to breathe

an ocean is a body that heals every wound,

so i walk into the ocean

like a man approaching a grail,

there is no difference between an empty body

& an empty cup: its content determines

how good the movie is from the stands in heaven

the earth rotates in circles & so do we

until time seals your ventricles &

you wait at the door separating darkness from light

Stanley Princewill McDaniels is a Nigerian poet and loner currently writing from Ondo State.

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