Kayode Olla's 'Concept of Psychofictive Reality and the Arts'

Galaxies Publishers releases a new concept in the appreciation of the arts, both the creative and performance arts.

This is to inform the general public as well as all art lovers and critics, that a new concept in the engagement and appreciation of the creative and performance arts has been released. Kayode Olla’s pioneering Concept of Psychofictive Reality is released by Galaxies in conjuction with Bravearts Africa, an arts magazine which in 2017 received an honorable mention in the Columbia based Manos Visibles’ “Who Is Who in the African Diaspora” List.

Kayode Olla is a lecturer at a federal institution in Nigeria, with scholarly interest in literary psychological criticism. He has authored two literary works, both published in London. Kayode, in his pioneering idea, introduces us to the concept of Psychofictive Reality in a peculiar storytelling style garnished with persuasive contemporary examples.

When asked why he is pushing the boundaries of his field literature into the broader scope of the arts in developing his concept, Kayode reacts: “Regarding that, the concept of Psychofictive Reality is just like the parts of the human body: their functions are better considered in connection with the whole body. Psychofictive Reality as a concept is more relevant in the arts as a whole than just in literature. That explains why I draw lots of relatable and contemporary examples from various fields of the arts including literature, in the critical essay.”

Tola Olla, Founder of Bravearts Africa, remarks on the debut of the new concept and its debut. She says: “This is the first time Bravearts Africa is partnering with Galaxies, and it’s the first time we’re bringing about a new concept in the arts. We’ve been working on it for a while and it’s so exciting that the groundbreaking concept is coming through us. The Concept of Psychofictive Reality and the Arts is a 32-page book which is divided into five chapters. It is an introduction to the concept and it’s an interesting read. To make it accessible to all art lovers, we’ve equally produced a complete digital version that can be downloaded in PDF format free of charge. We hope lovers of literature, music, movies, visual art, and all other forms of art all over the world—we hope they all give Psychofictive Reality a wonderful reception.”

To Download the Free eBook Edition, go here.

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