“My Soul Sees” by Linda Nabasa

My Soul Sees

My soul watches you fighting for my belongings, Even before my body turns cold. It sees you cry with one eye closed, As the other is open, eying the sauce pan of porridge. Hypocrites, the bible talks of you, hypocrites Putting on my grave cheap flowers that will rot faster than my body I hate the rotting smell of flowers I never got any while still alive Not even on valentines So why now? Don’t bother making my casket pretty on the top I really don’t care for fake beauty My soul watches you gossip about my will ‘’I wonder how the property will be divided’’ If I were you, I would go work for your own For I only leave to you my cruel words. But it will make no threats; it will just wait for your turn. Go ahead; eye the porridge on the charcoal stove, Fight for the legs of the cow, Fall in the sauce pan of Pilau, Not long you will join me here

And its only fools that ask, where?

Linda Nabasa is a prolific poet, short story writer and playwright. As she writes from the heart, she is passionate about writing from page to stage to give women and children a holistic voice in theatre. She, with two other artists started Afroman Spice, a theatrical group in Kampala that uses theater to enlighten on women’s position and issues in society. She is also a creative consultant for Mango Tree Uganda.

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