IQUO ABASI: “In The Web”



Fears of yesterday

Rush forth in a contemptuous rage

Like bits of glass in a kaleidoscope

Each piece a fiery recognition

As our past fears turn to today’s reality

Like a spider

In its own intricate weaving

This web of never ending corruption is made more rigid

With each futile breakaway attempt


We grope in the dark

Uncertain of our ailments

Even more uncertain of the cure


In this labyrinth of would be heroes

Seeking to outwit us with old tricks in a new age

Disdain rankles, but we are not mocked

Though the dance varies

The tune remains

As poor denizens rejoice at

The emptiness of a tuneless song

Dangling on the precipice of never becoming a melody.

2 – CLEANSING            

Time is that appealing intersection;

the diverging stretch

between the pain of becoming

and the joy of ripeness

and the pain was

puss filled…

fungus infested

the bane of our strife

celebrated on a vengeful grill

marinating in its own oils;

anger, lack, fear, lethargy

reminiscence is a sore made raw anew by

constant gnawing at the past

the past is… a dagger twist in our psyche

it is boko fanatics ripping the fabric of our calm

… it is the rape of the Delta

Birthing damaged flora and fauna

…it is empty stomachs and diseased children

time is the diverging distance;

the stake at which we

uncloak ourselves of the grime;

burn yesterday’ wrongs

watch it go up in flames of forgiveness

disappear amid fumes of cooperation

then we can embrace the hope whose

pinnacle radiates a promise for tomorrow

Let us together

rise from the vermin

in the glimpse of dusk

before the embrace of dawn

we will yet find that

distant spark

we will yet effervesce in the

vibration of mother nature

that growth demands of us

let us resuscitate not

lest our vision be benighted

for time is the appealing distance

between the pain of becoming and

the joy of our prime

Iquo Diana Abasi Eke is a performance poet and writer who renders her words to the accompaniment of instruments such as traditional drums, flute and /or strings. She has performed on various platforms including The Lagos Black Heritage festival, WORDSLAM, The Lagos Poetry Festival, and Poetry Potter.

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