“On June” by Rabiu Temidayo

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On June

I want to flicker, I want to continue — I want Car-lights to shimmer at the outskirts to go on.

The mysteries, by now, be gone.

Encourage the world to continue to pester me, I want that boy that fell in the ditch to

continue to run — want rain, collision

and flicker. I want the sweetest lie you sold to light me a forest inside. I want that gold rush,

cart full of groceries, and an

endless fucking in. Encourage the world to continue to reinvent me, wall deco hang

haphazardly in the room that I’m trapped in,

Alley dreams chased me out in the cold, my nightmares. I want total submission to enduring

love to be my end. I want that boy and you.

Rabiu Temidayo writes from Lagos. Author of Daylight (2018) on Ghost City Press. His works have either appeared or are soon appearing on Mojave heart Press, Selcouth Station, Marias at Sampaguitas, Bone and Ink, Riggwelter journal, Picaroon Poetry, Nightingale & Sparrow, Agbowo, Kalahari review, African Writer, the Gerald Kraak Award Anthology, Amethyst Review, 20.35 Africa Journal etc. Twitter: @rabiutemidayo.

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