Slingshot Paradigm

By Eddy Ongili

There are wars we encounter in life Some glide giantly as ghosts Hiding in the veil of circumstance Others rubbish the pursuits of life Appearing as stars on a slingshot of hope

Only to fall in the horizon as dust.

I live feeling the swell of the sun Trying to identify purpose from whims And as I pet my way through storms I believe I could start again To tumble as a flower on waves yet float ahead For even the slightest whisper of

oceanic breeze charts my path.

There are liters of tears present inside me Bubbling beyond expression of any kind Reminding me I’ve been unable to quell the gush of misfortune And as if chance will tie my neck to flames

Then I’ll sing of how I gave home to

fire How I leavened the scars of war with persistence. The power of blooming exists in hope Something likened to an endurable flare of roses Cultivated in moments despair harrases my being Only when I keep breathing, I know I shall master the torrent of determination And assail ahead even on my stomach Because until the war is done, I have

to dream.


Eddy Ongili is a Kenyan writer and a part-time critic currently pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Procurement and Logistics.
He has written extensively for online publications and has been featured in an ebook Anthology by Eldorets Poets Association. He regularly blogs on where he is learning to diversify his writing while sticking close to his mission as an inspirational poet.

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