Women's Day Series: i am living again

“Sun Daisy (1)” ©onetouch grafix

i am living again
by Victoria Naa Takia Nunoo

yesterday i put my many letters to which I got no reply to away. then i pulled the curtain aside and watched the sun pour in. i made breakfast, not how you’d always liked it, but how i wanted it. i added some more honey to my tea because it’s not a sin, like you made it seem, to have a sweet tooth. then i wore the jeans you said you hated because i didn’t sashay in it like those little dresses you loved. and took a stroll to the park

for everyone to see my difficult uncooperative body.

poem: Victoria Naa Takia Nunoo is a Ghanaian writer and poet. Her work (fiction) has appeared in The Kalahari Review, Brittle Paper, Afridiaspora, and in the anthology, The Different Shades of a Feminine Mind, an African Women Writers (AfriWoWri) Literary Project. She was a finalist in the 2017 RL Poetry Award and a contributor to the PRAXIS response chapbook, Around This Fire 5.

photograph: “Sun Daisy (1)” ©onetouch grafix

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