“How To Capture Memories Without Pictures” by Amal-Sobur Adedokun

Image by Denise Calvert from Pixabay

How To Capture Memories Without Pictures is by closing your eyes and breathing in moments as scents, to save voices in the silent places we carry in our bodies and plant memories in words, that is where they grow into the lines on your palm and stretch into your being until forgetting has the pain of a nerve torn from your body & poems, hide a minute of laughter in a metaphor of two words, your daughter’s first steps in a simile of two words, stuff moments into stanzas, life into lines, that is how you make memories small enough to be carried in tote bags, hung on shoulders, how to learn that remembering should never be a task. Start a memory like a story, a story like a memory, separation is a burden you will never be able to bear, let them run together as a man and his shadow do, end a paragraph for every time you fell silent and a comma for every time you paused to say a prayer.

Born in Lagos in 1999, Amal-Sobur Adedokun writes poems about towns and cities and all the questions that plague his mind moving from one to another. He is a student of Civil Engineering in the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. He travels, reads and plays taekwondo.

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