By Jean A.P Abbey

These voices in my head. Binds me to the most confusing stead. Do I go left or do I go right? These Siamese twins of life’s bred. The truth be said,

I have no goal.

For they drag my will to whatever path their need fells. Still I kneel down and pray tell, That Yahweh’s strength may help me break this shell.

For it is he that has caused Lucifer to immerse me in this chaotic well.

Sometimes I wish I was soulless. To walk on the earth’s surface without feelings or prowess. Knowing that I am hollow, without face and guiltless. The daunting pry of angels and demons.

The battle of flesh that I die to every day in summons.

Why me? I’ve cried out to the heavens! But the only echo that came back to me, was the ricochet of my doubting self. I am the Nanny to these Siamese twins of good and evil; Sin and righteousness. A nightmare of a lifetime.

I suppose drawn from the medieval.

These babbles of salvation… Still these contriving voices brawls in my mind. Each day a state of calm and confusion. All in one heart. This very nature that wrought emotions of pain and guilt. I walk and my fleshly imaginations haunts me with filth.

Yet the spirit of the trinity bears me a forgiving lift.

These Siamese heads in one body of soul. They battle within me. They fill me up with a wanton for death’s fold. But when I look up to the cross. Like the serpent of brass laid up. I find my peace within the grasp of his saving hold. The man from Galilee, these Siamese twins cannot glean or scold;

The man who gave me light and made me bold.

Jean A.P Abbey is a Nigerian writer/Poet who hails from the South-south
region of Nigeria, Rivers state.
He is a lover of the arts as well as literature and hopes to finish his
book of poems written by him this year. He is a freedom activist and a

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