“Contrey-Man I” by OsyMizpah Unuevho

Contrey-Man I

…why me…

now I understand why against the mob / for the victim

my contrey-man won’t do anything

because he said
to me:

“why me? person for mob hand na useless meat;

even vulture no dey lick ash”

because he likes to

see how wood creates a hellfire to

dance in again for the boy / girl

lover of men or not;

be a bystander in the picture, urging the

boy / girl to receive purgatory;

because he

does not like granting punishment with a palm of


likes to punish the corruption this right way;
the law is corrupt, he has said…

because he likes to offer a ritual to God / make atonement for the land / make light a scar

of memory for the unlucky mother,

chastise the irresponsible father chastise contrey justice

give her good eyes. betta stick not blunt sword. correct scales. not meat scales…

because he did not think that Jesus’ body— because I know he liked / loved men

and thieves—


called a lover of men / thief

broken by the mob.

OsyMizpah Unuevho (b. March 1997) is a lover of abstract and impressionist paintings, abstract music, and free thoughts. He is a student of Geology at the Federal University of Technology, Minna Nigeria. He loves God and the third person: his female mind. He is currently working on his debut poetry collection.

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