“Legal, Illegal” by Linda Nabasa

Legal, Illegal

His kidney is on a plane to Europe And it won’t be coming back What he has left is a scar That folds when he seats in his new car. Legal, illegal

Everyone’s always looking to trade.

Her hair is on a ship to Africa And she will be sending more They’ll cut it as bangs Hold it as pony tails Make all the styles She wasn’t ever confident to wear Legal, illegal

Everyone’s always looking to trade.

Some middle men say If it doesn’t work, bring it back If it doesn’t fit, bring it back But his kidney is not coming back His heart beats in another man’s chest To which he didn’t consent It’s to gangs whom money was sent Legal, illegal Everyone’s continuing to trade In some thing

In someone.

Linda Nabasa is a prolific poet, short story writer and playwright. As she writes from the heart, she is passionate about writing from page to stage to give women and children a holistic voice in theatre. She, with two other artists started Afroman Spice, a theatrical group in Kampala that uses theater to enlighten on women’s position and issues in society. She is also a creative consultant for Mango Tree Uganda.

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