IF I DO NOT LOVE YOU by Echezonachukwu Nduka

This poem is performed here.

If days are totally gone When flowers brought with their scents That charm that is love. Even if all flowers die and there are no scents To grace our presence, I smell the charm of love in your smile,

Your eyes and all gestures you never knew I had noticed.

If I do not love you, Why then do I suddenly smile amidst my troubles? Why then do I see your face each time my eyes are closed? Why then does my heart leap each time you ring my phone? Why then do I have to wait for moments, not minding how many minutes have died

Just to see your face?

There are songs that shoot love like arrows in the air, Piercing every ear that care to listen, every eye that cares to look, And every mind that care to ponder, Are they not the same songs that envelope the room When couples exchange kisses and flowers in the morning, Then curses and blows at night over what love should have forgiven? What if we choose no love songs written and performed by another? But the ones written by us from the depths of our hearts

And performed even when chaos knocks on our door?

I need no new love song. You became my love song the very day we met.
You have become the very song that shows me the true meaning of love.

In your words, they show. In your eyes and smile, they show. In your warm hug and caress, they show.

In your gait, they show all that I had never imagined.

If I do not love you, Why does your touch mean several miracles at once? Why do I feel I had missed you for so long even before we met? Why do I have to wake my muse to pour these verses from my heart? If there’s no healing in your love, why does your voice bring comfort? If I do not love you, perhaps, there’s nothing called love.

I love you because with you, love is alive.

© Echezonachukwu Nduka

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