“Ghost Girl” by Zenas Ubere

Image by Daniel Borker from Pixabay

Ghost Girl I am barefoot, running wild and free, crunching leaves and twigs carpeting my path. I skitter about in childish delight, arms stretched out, gliding through the air. I halt before a figure bunched underneath a tree, squatting with face in palms rested on knees. My abrupt stop startles her, and she raises her head to me, hair packed up in a bun, gazelle eyes gleaming strongly under the glare of the sun. My heart rumbles beneath ribs, beating like hooves of a deer flogging against bare soil. I stretch out a hand in a friendly gesture and say Hi. She takes to her heels, gown flailing in the wind. But her image, like a strong memory, stays.

Zenas Ubere is a creative writer from Nigeria. His work appears on Agbowo, African Writer, Witsprouts, The K & L Histories of Yesterday anthology, and elsewhere. He writes from Owerri. He can be found on Twitter @zenasubere and on Facebook as Zenas Ubere.

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