“Figurative Pieces” by Wambui Ochieng'

Image by Delyth Williams from Pixabay


The hills at Koru Remind me of your hips That sharp edge on the Hills of Subukia Reminds me of your nose The flamingoes at Elementaita Dance around Like the spark In your eyes And the pink on the blue Brings me to a calm place I call home My head lying Between your legs

There lies a goddess

Wambui Ochieng’: I am writing from Nairobi, Kenya and as a writer, I believe in the sanctity of a pencil, pen and the paper. Sometimes the paper is obsolete, I scribble on anything I can including my arms and thighs. Every thing gives me the itch to write. It’s the sole reason for my existence. Other than that, I write to connect with those who give me the time to share in my thoughts. If guns are the weapons in the war of power, then words are the weapons in the war of ideas.

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