“Falling in Love” by Oladeji Mayowa Oluwasegun

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

to Kuyet Today I learnt how a heart can be made into fire coiled as a gift to burn down sadness. I also learnt to trail the sound of raindrops disguised as the music of a broken heart. My flesh becomes an ocean that pleads for you to swim in it & your body smells of fresh incense with which I want you to exorcise my demons. I know this town is no place for sworn lovers naked on the streets dancing to the music of a hoarse muezzin’s call. That is why we wait until midnight to draw the map of love on our bare flesh, In this place were lovers are rebels, assigned as boys, girls, and others. So we make a covenant with the blood from our eyes with the hope that it can make us see into the future and into the lands that are far from here, Where we would not be seen as curses because of the configuration of our desires & we can bury ourselves in the heat of our passions that are deeper than the limits of an ordinary skin.

Oladeji Mayowa Oluwasegun writes plays and poems from Zaria in Northern Nigeria, where he is engaged in his graduate work studying Theatre and Performing Arts. Mayowa self-published a poetry collection titled Bleeding Moon in 2019, and he has been published on the Kalahari Review as well as other literary platforms. He enjoys the trills from silence’s loudness, travelling, pictures and reading. Mayowa runs, a blog dedicated to projecting art for the benefit of society and he uses the handle @penfreaq, on twitter.

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