“Deliverance” by Amao Williams Praise


(opening prayer).

amen (the service began);

then we became a congregation of choruses,

hymns gliding through our tongues

as we became a choir of hallelujah songs.

this is how we empty our consciences on the altar

of our lips,

this is how prayer forces our veins

to quake,

to leak,

to shrink;

until we forget our bodies

& roll into voices of unknown beings

tearing the atmosphere apart,

uttering dialects the winds can’t decipher

we turn into spirits, by castigating

our skins

& by screaming our souls out.

they said:

sermons have their ways of

painting out our lives before our eyes,

prayers have their ways of

squeezing us into cold blood,

but deliverance is a wind

that turns us into fragments,


& crumbs for our voices to devour.

(closing prayer).

Amao Williams Praise: Poet, freelancer, photographer and a phlegmatic. A final year student, studying Physiology in Osun State University. He lives and writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

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