“Echoes in Silence” by Oluwafemi Babasola


for all war survivors

with open eyes
our brothers sleep

mother earth vomits

crimson liquor

these old bones once fed us

young bones our burning lamps


the sun no longer the merry queen

we used to know

her glass, half full
no spill for filthy earth

she savours hangover of rain

not some crimson liquor

how does one erase the horrors of watching swords slice off


like dancing knives
slithering christmas roosters?

everywhere was an abattoir the kill was us

our brothers

young & old bones bathe

in the open

in our crimson stained stream clattering


for snatched life

how does one erase the horror of watching hades drink

his brother?

sleeping brothers do not let their living brothers


their pangs
haunt us

Oluwafemi Babasola employs poetry and his short stories to express his thoughts and beliefs about life, the inequality in the society and emotions of the heart. He lives in Osogbo, Nigeria.

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