“The Day After Forever” by Gloria Chimelu

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

The Day After Forever We spoke of eternity, Of bliss and joy and everything bright. Of how the sun would be jealous of our light. Or our mysteries, the night. They spoke of fear, Of how our demons creeping in with stealth, Of how the end was near, Of death. Remember how beautiful we were as we danced to the melody of love. Of how we blended like our morning coffee and milk Of how our bodies fused harmoniously under our silk. Now I’d speak of you With that twinkle in my eye, With that cheeky smile And that wistful tone. Till we dance again, Sunshine, on the day after forever.

Gloria Chimelu is a lover of nature and life, who views the world with curious eyes. When she is not frolicking with science or wondering why life is full of twists and turns, she writes poetry as an escape. She lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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