“Darkness and Light Roll” by Guy Traiber

Darkness and Light Roll  

to Ofira, for the inspiration

  In the times when darkness and light roll together

I think about all the apartments I’ve been through

narrow rooms in friends’ houses, hotel rooms lightened
tastefully or with great rudeness,

a soft grass bed and leaf dripping forests
where I planted my bedding. Some estranged beds

and others so warm. I think
of all the women who had passed before me

of all the women whose lives I’ve pierced
like the eastern sun and left like the autumn leaves

I remember the spaces I have filled
and I am thinking about the people filling them now

for I have written before

People leave a part of their selves

behind every door they’ve opened

In those hours, the soft hours of the day,
I remember the soft moments of my life

and I think of people I’ve never known and their deeds
in the spaces I once imagined were mine

I think of the people I’ve known and thought were mine
and I cherish the space they have given me.

Guy Traiber is a Chinese medicine practitioner who is grateful for every story he learns from the visitors in his clinic. His cat, Kody, drives him crazy sometimes but he loves him deeply. He rejoices every day in what he has been entrusted with.

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