“Death Untamed” by Eneji Mohammed Osivave

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DEATH UNTAMED The big hugs Daren’t kisses The little big things we do All now covered in gloves Beneath the shadows of our masks Hidden away in our breath Have taken who we are What once were we Bodies of dead-walkings? How easy to die How hard to live We’re world prisoners Ain’t we? Locked up here with death Straying the neighborhood Oh I forgot My neighbor Who lives the next door He died last night Isn’t it? He bathed the sanitizers Couldn’t wash death of his fingers He didn’t die homeless But he was buried faceless Oh damn it It’s everywhere Look how silent the world is With the creepy walks of Death everywhere How smart he does his job this time Without the booming sounds of Machine guns and bomber planes The pro skills he’s got With this untamed disease

Eneji Mohammed Osivave (pen name Motivated Eneji) is a 24-year-old Nigerian undergraduate at Federal University, Lokoja, Nigeria. You can find him on Facebook at: [email protected]

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