Call for Artwork Submissions

Call for Artwork Submissions

Praxis magazine is currently inviting artwork submissions for an upcoming collaborative digital chapbook.

We are looking for cutting edge abstract, postmodern work that transmutes old narratives and stereotypes. Work can be of any media, so long as the intention behind it is creative in nature. Send us images of your weird, out there, off the wall stuff! – the work your non-artsy friends and family look bemused at when you show them.
That said, please do not send work that is obscene, racist, tribalist, sexist, or derogatory to any other person or group of people. Please also do not send work that makes fun of mental health issues, or which may discourage those in need from seeking professional assistance and support for mental health issues.

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Work must be original by the artist. The title of the upcoming chapbook will be decided on once we see submissions and any recurring patterns in the work.

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Further submission guidelines

  • Each artist may submit up to five pieces, and a panel of Praxis representatives will select the most applicable work.
    –  Images should be a minimum of 200 to 300 dpi. Please do not send photo files that are too big or too small.
  • Clearly state work title, media used, and dimensions. Make sure captions and naming on your images match up.
  • Include your full name, contact details, where you are from, and a brief bio about yourself and your work (max 100 words).
  • In the subject line of your submission email, state ‘Praxis art chapbook submission’ as well as your name
  • All submissions must be sent to [email protected] on or before 30 September 2021.

For questions or suggestions, please contact Praxis Art Coordinator, Shannon: [email protected].

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