BN Poetry Award: A DIVORCE LETTER TO FEAR by Eseza Nabaggala (Uganda)

This poem is longlisted for BN Poetry Award.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to get engaged to you, later on marry you. The years married to you have been the most horrific of my life. You are so

self centered, all you think about is you.

I met someone new, his name is Faith and he is incredible. Every moment with him is a reminder of what I can be if only I believe in myself. I didn’t have to give myself time to get over you since it didn’t hurt to leave you in the first place. As soon as me and Faith met, I decided to marry him

he is mine to have and to hold for the rest of my life.

I tried to walk down memory lane, to find one reason to fight for our marriage. I found none, all the memories that I have of you are of dread and intimidation. How many times have you talked to me about how I can never amount to anything? Or those images you have imprinted in my mind

showing me that the worst is yet to come?

And like a fool, I believed you. Looking back I don’t know how and why I let myself put up with you for so long. But not anymore

I won’t let you manipulate me, a single moment in my life.

Am sending you  divorce papers which I have already signed. Whether you sign them or not doesn’t matter. I made up my mind to leave you. I also know that you will keep creeping on me But that is all you will ever do, creep up on me

I will never give you the chance to manifest.

It’s said that you should not bang the exit door because you might need to use it, but I won’t say the same for you. I didn’t just bang the exit door, I locked it with chains.

Am done and out with you, Good riddance.

PS: keep the divorce papers, you may be convinced
to sign them some time. Your ex wife, sorry slave.

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