Beyond Language

By Eddy Ongili

There must be a way to feel To live

To turn off logic

To derail thoughts in shapes And fume upon the irrationality

of the heart

To love by all motions of papers and skin Between the flows of a violin Closer to the ink of symphony

Without any bullshit.

To fight on a field of ghostly flowers Cold even Only blown apart by an orchestra of unrequition

or stormy requition

To find the mist on the skin of the sun To fall in weight of subliminal waters. The idea of language Is to be born out of museums As lips For only the heart possess the artefacts and souveniors

As broken, stitched and stolen.

Conquests are struggles

But when the plurality of love fires up language In writing The heart rationalizes its need In utter freedom To subject the mind to gusts of

Memory and ache.

For sanity is a byproduct
of chance and loss.

We merely tell our desires.

Eddy Ongili is a Kenyan writer and a part-time critic currently pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Procurement and Logistics.
He has written extensively for online publications and has been featured in an ebook Anthology by Eldorets Poets Association. He regularly blogs on where he is learning to diversify his writing while sticking close to his mission as an inspirational poet.

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