“A Thousand Guns” by Linda Nabasa

A Thousand Guns

So many bullets found in African skin. So many lives all lost in a day. A thousand guns Piled up like a mountain in the sky Burning fire

As a sign of peace.

But broad day corruption Stands outside the jail. Shaking its keys For development chained in the corner. I know where he is I saw him crying Speech was bleeding As silence commanded beat him,

I want you to beat him again.

Everything is Irie They tell the press to write. Everything is Irie The people are not complaining. Everything Irie They tell the press to write But it’s not

For we are running from tear gas.

Linda Nabasa is a prolific poet, short story writer and playwright. As she writes from the heart, she is passionate about writing from page to stage to give women and children a holistic voice in theatre. She, with two other artists started Afroman Spice, a theatrical group in Kampala that uses theater to enlighten on women’s position and issues in society. She is also a creative consultant for Mango Tree Uganda.

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