2016 Poetry Contest Status Update

Praxis Magazine Online is excited to announce that we’ve received the results of our 2016 Anthology Contest from our judge, and have just finished sending out emails to all the participants. We’d like to thank EVERYONE who entered – we received an overwhelming number of responses. While we’re waiting to hear back from those whose poems were selected for inclusion in the anthology chapbook, we’d like to share some demographics from the contest process and final selections.

Our judge, JK Anowe, requested to “blind-judge” the contest, so our Poetry Editor triaged the submissions to reduce them to a manageable number. 163 poems were selected, assigned numbers, and shuffled so that poems by the same author didn’t appear together in numeric sequence. Then all author-identification information was removed, and JK Anowe received 163 numbered poems to be judged on their own merit.

When he returned the identification numbers of the 17 winning poems he’d selected for the chapbook anthology, we matched the numbers back up with poets’ names and locations, and these are the distributions:

Number of winning poems selected: 17 Number of poets who penned those poems: 13 Poets identifying themselves as male: 6 Poets identifying themselves as female: 7 Winning poems from the gentlemen: 9

Winning poems from the ladies: 8

Malawi (1 poet, 1 poem) Nigeria (6 poets, 6 poems) US (2 poets, 5 poems) Uganda (2 poets, 3 poems) Kenya (1 poet, 1 poem)

UK (1 poet, 1 poem)

Stay tuned! We’ll share the names of the poets and titles of their poems as soon as we begin hearing back from the winners!

Praxis Magazine Online would like to take this opportunity to thank JK Anowe for his time and effort – we look forward to offering the resulting anthology chapbook to our subscribers!

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