2016 Contest Anthology Chapbook!

Praxis Magazine Online is pleased to announce that we’re releasing our 2016 Contest Anthology Chapbook, and have decided to make it available to ALL of our readers…so, without further delay,

DOWNLOAD the 2016 Contest Anthology Chapbook!

The seventeen poems selected by our judge, JK Anowe, (blind-judged from a large number of submissions), are:

caretaker – Michelle Angwenyi (Kenya) For the Unmarked Tomb – Ndongolera C. Mwangupili (Malawi) At The End – Oka Benard Osahon (Nigeria) Drifting – Ejiro Edward (Nigeria) How Dare I – Christy Ogbenjuwa (Nigeria) How not to feel anything – Abdullahi Arebi (Nigeria) Sack for Soul – Tobi Emitomo (Nigeria) The Veiled Elevation – Zulaykha Umm Muhammad (Nigeria) Besides myself – Naggayi Lydia Sanyu (Uganda) Love in Kilograms – Kelly Taremwa (Uganda) New Rooms in Old Houses – Kelly Taremwa (Uganda) Reflection – David Melville Edwards (UK) A Bluebird for Barbie – Kevin D. LeMaster (US) A medical encampment 1863 – Kevin D. LeMaster (US) And Still I Shrive – M. Zane McClellan (US) Tear Down These Walls – M. Zane McClellan (US)

Tender – Kevin D. LeMaster (US)

DOWNLOAD the 2016 Contest Anthology Chapbook, READ, SHARE, ENJOY…

and please join Praxis Magazine Online in offering CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS! We thank you for your words.

Contest Anthology Chapbook

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