Zainab Iliyasu Bobi: Two Poems

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

She went home today

She was five or six or seven, I can’t say, but She was a little girl. With limbs still growing, Heart still young, and

Teeth were still milky.

Dressed in a short gown; A blend of turquoise and Mongolia With white Hijab; Dangling on her shoulder, Dancing to the tone of air.

She was a little girl.

With tiny legs clapping On-road cheeks, Chasing after her friends And cheering about their exams With laughter and chit-chat.

She was a little girl.

Then her legs drove to green And she rolled like a roller coaster. Without an helmet, She rolled on first wheel,

Then second wheel.

Now her legs can’t drive her home So, she was droved by her loved ones On a wooden bed, Wearing white…with cotton In her nose to her home, The home she went alone.

She was a little girl.


/I sat at the ocean shore….gazing at the sky/ /dressed in a rainbow coat/ /with doves dancing on its sleeve; buttoned with stars/

/to the rhythm of blue/.

Zainab Iliyasu Bobi is a Nigerian writer, poet, spoken word artist, and aspiring street photographer. She is studying Medical Laboratory Science at Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto, Nigeria. She is an avid reader and a member of Hilltop creative art foundation, Poetry club udus, and All poet network (APNET). Her work is forthcoming in the Kalahari review and Nnoko Magazine. Zainab is writing from Abuja, Nigeria.

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