“We also have souls” by Esi Mensimah Eghan

We also have souls

Dust spray surrounded us, cries flowed around us The thudding became louder so the noises were clearer Mama and I came out of our roomlet to see the source of this stirring ‘We’re also humans’ I heard someone shouting from the back Yes, indeed we also had souls and spirits But at their mercy, we were treated like animals Their bulldozers kept working and I gripped mama’s hand tightly When one started moving towards our hut, yes the one that held my memories The cries were louder now, and my little girl’s mind wondered Why dad couldn’t come from heaven to fight those vile people So with sorrow and pain we all gathered the few stuffs which had not been destroyed They claimed they were going to build mansions there, and they made us homeless They lived in their castles but envied our huts and sheds

Aren’t we also part of the society, don’t we also have emotions?

Esi Mensimah Eghan comes from Saltpond, a town in the Central Region of Ghana. She is a final year Bsc Agric student in Knust. When not writing, she either reads, sings, or cooks.

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