“OLOJUKOKORO” by Mof’Oluwawo O MojolaOluwa


You were given an inch,

But you wanted a mile

You were given a room,

But you wanted a mansion

You were given a drop,

But you wanted an ocean

We gave you a wife,

But you wanted a harem

We gave you an office,

But you wanted the firm

We gave you a star

You wanted the moon

Bi a fi odidi ile jin kolekole*

Ko ni ko ma ko’le

Bi a fi odidi odede jin iyawo agbere*

Ko ni o ma f’ale

Won ni o j’eba, o lo fe j’oba*


Insect eye is your problem

  • If a robber be gifted a mansion, he’d still rob it
  • If an adulterer be loved and doted upon, she’d still commit adultery
  • They gave you Eba, you said you wanted the throne (the sense is in the rhyme)
  • Olojukokoro is the Yoruba word for Covetousness
  • Insect eye, a literal translation of ‘ojukokoro’

Mof’Oluwawo O MojolaOluwa writes from SouthWest Nigeria. She has written for several online and offline publications such as Storried.Com,, L’A vocat, UitesCreate, PraxisMagOnline, and two upcoming poetry anthologies. She has a degree in law from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and blogs at

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