Notes on Asikey’s Earth Attack

Pendulum Records recording artiste Asikey George recently released “Earth Attack” a single from her forthcoming EP titled Human. As a performing artiste whose main genres are Soul, RnB, and Alternative Rock, it is reasonable to argue that the artiste takes on the road less travelled, considering her milieu which pays huge attention to afrobeat(s), dancehall, highlife, and other more traditional forms. Although rap music in Nigerian indigenous languages (mostly Yoruba & Igbo) has succeeded in drawing huge attention and patronage to itself, this is not to the detriment of other genres which retain their audiences. Asikey’s “Earth Attack” lends itself, stylistically, to the Alternative Rock genre. In Nigeria, this track, and the rock genre itself, represents unusual terrain. What does this imply for the artiste, Asikey?

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Taking a less travelled road such as this requires a large degree of sophistication and authenticity which will in turn draw attention to the artiste’s art. First, the song places focus on the singer’s voice. Not distracted by huge instrumentation and unnecessary loudness, it demonstrates how percussive instruments can be rhythmically effective without being loud. Clearly, Asikey’s voice is adequate for the genre and the blending harmonies in the chorus and bridge sections highlight the song’s vocal qualities. The genre, being highly rhythmically driven, achieves its rhythmic essence in the strumming guitars and varying percussion rhythms. The drum roll that introduces the first chorus is striking. If there is any intensity in the work apart the vocal, rhythmic, and melodic qualities, it is in the song’s lyrics. Arranged in verse—chorus—verse—chorus—bridge—chorus form, they aspire to the status of a good poem. It is one of the burdens of performing in a genre such as this: the lyrics must be sensible. The crux of the lyrics, of the work itself, lies in the second and third lines of the second verse where Asikey sings: You better learn to face your battles/If you run away you surely will meet it again. The song clearly argues for the firmness of the human race. To live, humanity has to face its fears. Sadly, there is no other way out. Vulnerability is one of the burdens of humanity. It is being human, and, interestingly, Asikey’s forthcoming EP is titled Human. The title of the song, “Earth Attack” is poetic in a sense. It is as though the earth itself, man’s supposed habitation, has taken on the role of attacking humanity—its inhabitants. And that is the case. If there is no safe place on earth as Asikey argues in the song, fighting back is the way out. Asikey’s song here is itself a way out.

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For a burgeoning artiste, Earth Attack scales above an average song.

©Echezonachukwu Nduka

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