“My Mind” by Rahama Abdulkadri

My Mind

These words you are about to read; Have never been written in ink. These are the manifestations of a mind that cannot properly express itself;

A mind whose reflections are like an ellipsis.

This mind created a convolution of a language. As a realist would, it painted a phoenix. It described perfectly what took place outside its haven. As a surrealist would, it tried to create a masterpiece;

But couldn’t describe completely its psyche.

How is it possible for a mind so great and creative to not know what is going on within its walls?

How can anyone know what goes on in there if it doesn’t know these things itself?

One thing is for sure, There are a lot of thoughts about the happenings in the world. About why there are wars and hurricanes, About why the sky is blue and not green. This mind ponders about irrelevances; It keeps the body sane, Far away from the reality of its own happenings. Thinking about its problems could create a problem, Thinking about the calamities that have befallen would turn this beautiful mind to a


So this mind admires nature, It admires the present and the past. It admires the future; Because a single second makes it the past. It thinks about why Adam came first;

And Hitler came last.

This mind is a tour de force, It is a masterpiece in itself. It cannot be fully maximized; Or it will cease to exist. How can it resist? Such a sweet thought it is; To know it could think so much;

Until it rests in peace.

This mind is tired already; It has only existed for sixteen years, Yet it has thought too much about life and death. Stuck in an abyss of depression; It brings joy to everyone, While slowly it pulls itself into the background;

So it will not be missed when the time to vanish comes around.

These words you have read will be written in ink; Because this mind will not rest until it can read this over and over, Until it is convinced that a masterpiece this would be,

Even though these lines make no sense to it.

Rahama Abdulkadri is sixteen years old, from Kogi state, Nigeria. Currently living in Lagos state, Rahama is a poet and a story writer and she loves reading, singing and writing.

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