“Learning forgetfulness from a textbook” by Ayomide ‘Wes Oriolowo

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

Learning forgetfulness from a textbook

What have your eyes seen as they travelled far

behind this enclosed bone?

What journeys have broken your legs? Drowned your head in a book;

a plethora of homeless words.

Have your lips learnt forgetfulness? I wonder Have they stopped whispering

to a stranded dream?

Have you learnt there are many ways to puncture yourself,

only a few to heal?

How have you learnt
To manage the pain?

Tell me, Have you turned a child

at disaster’s touch?

Ayomide ‘Wes Oriolowo is a Nigerian poet and essayist, a lover of God and Counterintuitive thinking. His poem was longlisted for the Syncity NG’s ‘Poetry in Times of Corona’ 2020 Anthology. Some of his works are featured or forthcoming in Praxis Magazine, Odd Magazine, Kalahari Review, Mineral Lit Mag, The African Writers and elsewhere. He is a final year student of Bowen University and currently lives in Ibadan. You can reach out to him on Instagram and Twitter @ayo_soars

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