“i wrote a poem for valentine” by Ama Udofa

i wrote a poem for valentine

light colours wine


(this is how I think of you)

the world wakes up with the opening of your eyes
sunlight lives in and rises from them.

the shape of your smile is a rainbow after rain i want to unearth pots of gold

in every laughter line.

memories of you don’t get old ageless, i think of you in carlo rossi can’t stop drinking

about you.

you remind me of slow songs and grand pianos. your name is an extended adagio becoming ostinato

in my head

Ama Udofa
chooses to still believe in [romantic] love, even though he’s never quite been lucky in his attempts. A hopeless romantic, He’s currently in a relationship with his personal computer, writing mushy stuff he hopes to experience one day. In August 2017, his essay won The Igby Prize for Nonfiction. Same year, he was long-listed in The Writivism Short Story Prize. His works appear in Praxis Magazine Online, Brittle Paper, AFREADA, Kalahari Review, African Writer, and in several other online spaces.

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