“I Know A Few Things About Water” by Tares Oburumu

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I Know A Few Things About Water

With paperboats & his essays on Childhood & The Crossing Of The Atlantic, the boy parents apart, who is the shape of water & the bone of time, rows through tide & waves of pianos long listened to, to see what the fishermen have become catching their own nets. “There is never an end to water & trading ” his orphans would say as his diary showing the history of wedlock, like a clock in dark room, strikes the hours musically out of silence. He has been traveling for a hundred years from birth to his twenty-first birthday with a cyst of coronach in whatever they touch. His oars deep in his past, the future full of sand and water, he beached their dreams in an island surrounded by the telepathy of graves that was living in him. His father offered them a hand from the past as they drown; the beginning of a long voyage to the knowledge that they have water & brothers that have no colour.

Tares Oburumu is a graduate of philosophy from the University Of Benin. A lover of God and his daughter, Sasha. He writes from a hole close to Warri.

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