“Follow the lights” by David-Rex Olatunbosun

Image by Yuri_B from Pixabay


Buzzcuts and white satin,
Candle lights and eerie silence.

Follow the lights. Follow the crowd. A procession of the earth’s damned in the fog, Our feet following the pieces of our past, As our future rejected us. Cold mildew between our toes,

Sombre chants in the night fog.

Our shadows paled, As the rising sun dulled the night’s boldness. Daylight came in haste to see, If the night had taken our souls, But turned gloomy as she saw us,

Striding through the narrow woods.

The elements of creation turned against us.
Nothing and no one could save us.

The songs we chant through the nights and gloomy days, Are hell’s poetry. Composed for torment. Reminding us of the lives we lived,

And the sorrow that would follow.

Why do the gods hate us?
We are created in their likeness after all.

Like the gods we had ambition. Like the gods we were proud. Shimmering particles trailed our paths where ever we went. Greening the minds of the commoners that scoffed silently

As our glowing gait brightened the night.

The gods grew jealous.
And cast down all our golden images.

Now we are left with pieces Of what would have been. In our rags and empty souls, We all walk in pain to the judgement of the creator.

The grim gates of eternal torment.

David-Rex Olatunbosun is a Nigerian young writer in love with science fiction, epic fantasy and African fantasy genres. He writes poetry and majors in prose fiction; seeking the room to explore his creative talent of world building in his beloved fantasy genre. He seeks to herald the turn of young Nigerian writers to the fantasy genre.

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