“Broken” by Sam Norman

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Broken My friend suffered an aneurism the other day. His brain hid a tangle of arteries the size of a softball, and it finally blew. It could have happened any time. He was forty-three and in a coma. When he woke up he attacked an orderly, so they tied his arms to the bed and put mittens on his hands. His sight was temporarily gone and he couldn’t see my face but he recognized the sound of my voice. Attempting to lift his head slightly from his pillow, he whispered to me, “Help me break out of here.”

Sam Norman has been teaching high school for 16 years at Bacon Academy in Colchester, CT. Until now, most of what Sam has written has been shared only with family and a few friends, though he has been published in Bacon Academy’s literary journal, The Salmon River Review. Sam enjoys role-playing games, and for a while he was very active in the LARPING community (Live Action Role Playing). Most of Sam’s recent poetry focuses on a terrible tragedy. Sam’s son, Ben, just 20 years old, lost his life in a weather-related traffic accident on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2018. Sam lives in Coventry, Connecticut with his wife Teri, their children, Becca and Daniel, a bunch of chickens, and their beloved dogs, Cloudy and Ripple.

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