“Art in the Lungs of Time” by Akanbi Odunayo Rhoda

Image by Roland Mey from Pixabay

ART IN THE LUNGS OF TIME The poetry; that may rouse flesh off bones, shake power from the steel-made thrones or make cruel hands wriggle in fear, might have been squeezed into bins, burning off slowly in a fireplace, or lying undiscovered on walls and boxes, like lost toys. The sheet that may save the world from its ruin or set it to flames, may be hanging in the stem of some tree where monkeys swing over in laughter, and children pluck fruits from its mouth as elders sit under this ocean of gold or land mine to curl away from life’s tiring gaze. The art that may inspire the greatest art may be hanging on the tips of your fingers, crackled palms and lips. So, write with your gaze set beyond the sky you sit under; for art is an evergreen memory in the lungs of time.

Akanbi Odunayo Rhoda is a Nigerian poet, writer and literary blogger under the pseudonym The Zoe. She’s an avid reader of African Literature and appreciates telling stories in her poems. Her creative works have appeared and some are awaiting publication in Kalahari Review, The African Writers Review, ExpatPress, The New Publishing Standard amongst other literary outlets. She’s a believer in inspiring people and propelling others to being better in their craft. She lives in Ogun State.

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