A Little Tablet of Wonder by Umar Sidi

If you are caught up in a dark traffic jam on the noon of a good Friday in the year 2011 anno domini, while reading a fresh book of poems if you encounter an imposing apparition of the god of road silhouetted between two mighty highways if you are to offer a convincing mantra a chant or a praise song as a requirement for a miraculous passage through this dark traffic

and if you decide to say:

I approach you, O Lord, as a ripened book of poems in which each little poem is a fruit each a thinker’s first strand of thought each a poet’s brewing kettle of tea each a philosopher’s stone each a Sufi wine of love each a rainbow on a canvas of words each a rumbling of a silent thunder each a rose in the garden of metaphor each a glamorous smile from an invisible damsel

each a conquering armada of ships in ocean of sand

O Lord of the mighty highway, I still very much approach you as a book in which each poem is a spring of awe each A Little Tablet of Wonder If you open your eyes solemnly

you witness a vision of a disappearing traffic

if you open your eyes even more you observe that the gap between you and the car ahead is fast vanishing like the distance between the god of road and god of words as superimposed

on the cover of a fresh book of poems

About The Poet
Umar Sidi is a helicopter pilot with the Nigerian Navy, he lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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